Electric Chain Hoist

  • European standard technology
  • Made from high quality steel alloy
  • Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance
  • Using 220V . residential electricity grid
  • Lifting properly, load capacity up to 1 ton
  • Equipped with electromagnetic brake
  • Compact size, light weight, easy to move and install

Durable and powerful 100% copper wire electric motor

Lift and low 100% of rated loads with durable, powerful electric motors.

The load chain is durable, limiting breakage

High quality steel alloy, good safety factor, large load capacity.

Durable hooks

Made from high quality steel, with safety stop, forged under high temperature, double the strength.

Easy control handle

Simple structure, convenient to use.

Various models

There are many loads for customers to choose from, suitable for both production areas, construction sites, large factories and residential areas, households...

Durable outer layer

Thickened refined steel, effective impact resistance, prolong product life. Powder coating protects the device from adverse external influences.

Equipped with intelligent chain guidance device

The device helps to avoid chain dislocation, keeps the chain in the right direction, ensures stable operation, and improves product life.


Model CH500
Load (kg) 500kg
Chain length(m) 3m
Quantity 1
Chain diameter (mm) 6,3mm
Lifting speed (m/min) 3,5m/min
Weight (kg) 24kg
Power (kw) 0,97kw
From China
Warranty 6 months
Model CH1000
Load (kg) 1000kg
Chain length(m) 3m
Quantity 2
Chain diameter (mm) 6,3mm
Lifting speed (m/min) 1,7m/min
Weight (kg) 28kg
Power (kw) 0,97kw
From China
Warranty 6 months