• European standard technology
  • Made from high quality steel alloy
  • Lifting speed up to 22m/min
  • Using diesel engine
  • Lifting properly, load capacity up to 5 tons
  • High mobility, large cable reel
  • Equipped with hydraulic brake to stop quickly

Powerful and durable engine

The product uses a large capacity

Diesel engine, strong and durable, lifting and lowering at the rated load.

Speed of lifting up to 22 m/min

Fast lifting speed for higher working efficiency, suitable for demanding jobs on schedule

Highly maneuverable equipment

Because it does not depend on the power source, the product can be moved, installed flexibly, and has high mobility.

Large drum capacity

The reel has a large, solid capacity, allowing for a long cable length, limiting cable tangles when collecting wires.

Safety by hydraulic brake and gearbox

Hydraulic brake helps to stop quickly, the gearbox controls the rotation speed, minimizing cable slip, ensuring safety when using.


Model Diesel 2t
Pulling load 2000kg
Lifting load 2000kg
Cable length(m) 200m
Cable diameter (mm) 12mm
Lifting speed (m/min) 9-12m/min
Fuel Diesel
Weight 500kg
Engine (kw) D24 (18,5kw)
From China
Warranty 6 months
Model Diesel 5t
Pulling load 5000kg
Lifting load 5000kg
Cable length(m) 200m
Cable diameter (mm) 18mm
Lifting speed (m/min) 18-22m/min
Fuel Diesel
Weight 1000kg
Engine (kw) D30 (22kw)
From China
Warranty 6 months