• Genuine HONDA engine
  • European standard technology
  • Made from high quality steel alloy
  • Speed ​​up to 18m/min
  • Use gasoline as fuel
  • Various models, loads up to 8 tons
  • Safety thanks to hydraulic brake

Genuine Honda engine, strong and durable

Equipped with genuine Honda gasoline engine, ensuring strong, durable and fuel-efficient operation.

Easy to disassemble the reel

The drum frame is easily disassembled for easy disassembly, cleaning and repair.

Flexible transmission

The product uses a large capacity gasoline engine, belt and shaft transmission, which can be changed.

Solid sole

The base is thick and wide, cast from quality alloy, helps to stabilize the structure, the machine stands firmly.

Optimized structure

The device allows both vertical lifting and horizontal pulling, flexible application.


Model JJQ-1
Engine Honda
Load (kg) 800/600kg
Lifting speed (m/min) 12 - 18 - 15m/min
Weight (kg) 36kg
From China
Model JJQ-2
Engine Honda
Load (kg) 2000/1200kg
Lifting speed (m/min) 6 - 10 - 5m/min
Weight (kg) 85kg
From China
Model JJQ-3
Engine Honda
Load (kg) 3000/1800kg
Lifting speed (m/min) 5 - 9 - 4,5m/min
From China
Model JJQ-5
Engine Honda
Load (kg) 5000/2500kg
Lifting speed (m/min) 4,5 - 8,5 - 4m/min
Weight (kg) 130kg
From China
Model JJQ-8
Engine Honda
Load (kg) 8000/4000kg
Lifting speed (m/min) 4 - 8 - 3,5m/min
Weight (kg) 180kg
From China