• European standard technology
  • Made from high quality steel alloy
  • Lifting speed up to 25m/min
  • Using 220V – residential electricity grid
  • Diverse models, lifting and lowering standards, loads up to 5 tons
  • Improve electrical cabinets, add reducers, stabilize operation
  • Equipped with hydraulic brake to stop quickly

Powerful and durable engine

The electric motor is wound with 100% copper wire, not only saving electricity, but also helping to increase capacity, strong and durable operation, lifting and lowering the rated load.

Large drum capacity

The reel has a large, solid capacity, allowing for a long cable length, limiting cable tangles when collecting wires.

Solid sole

The base is thick and wide, cast from quality alloy, helps to stabilize the structure, the machine stands firmly.

Upgrade hydraulic brake

Equipped with a hydraulic brake system with speed control, which can adjust the speed and braking time, for a smooth braking process, without jerks, bringing high safety.

Equip with speed box

Easily adjust the operating speed to your liking.

Gearbox upgrade

Help equipment work stably, prolong product life.


Fulling load 5000kg
Cable length (m) 200m
Cable diameter (mm) 19.5mm
Speed (m/min) 9m/min
Weight 1000kg
Power (kw) 22kw - 380V
Oil level(l) 25l
From China
Warranty 6 months