• European standard technology
  • Finished from high quality steel alloy
  • Compact size, weight only from 20kg
  • Lifting speed up to 27m/min Using
  • 220V – residential electricity grid
  • Various models, load capacity up to 500kg
  • Equipped with cruise switch

Powerful, durable brush motor

Saving electricity, low heat generation, improve equipment life.

Fast lifting speed

Improvements help increase lifting speed, reaching speeds up to 27m/min.

Minimize risk with dual hangers

"Two hooks" design to prevent falling when operating, safer for users.

Increased safety with a cruise limiter, over-crank protection and dual brake system

The brake helps the device to automatically stop when the item reaches the limit point, ensuring safety, double safety with the system including electromagnetic brake and mechanical brake, limiting risks arising.

Handle control

Simple structure, easy to use. Can be combined with remote control arm, operating radius up to 200m

Powerful with 100% rated load

Overall Upgrade for powerful lifting capacity, reaching the maximum rating