• European standard technology
  • Made from high quality steel alloy
  • Simple structure, easy to use
  • Load capacity up to 800kg
  • Precision seamless technology
  • High mobility, can rotate 360 ​​degrees
  • Fits most winches

Powerful and durable operation

Manufactured from high quality alloy, durable operation, 100% rated load.

High flexibility, capable of 360 degree rotation.

Solid base

Solid alloy steel frame, precision seamless welding technology ensures high durability.

There are many versions including: 2 bracing brackets and 4 bracing brackets for you to choose to suit the installation location.

Simple structure

Simple design, easy to install and use.

Compact size, suitable for any workspace.

100% alloy steel bearings

High quality gears, retrofitted with bearings, springs and roller bearings, for smooth operation, effective anti-wear.

Flexibility to go crane

Equipped with connecting details for both single and double hooks, giving customers more choices to suit their needs.

Flexible combination

The 360 ​​degree rotatable crane frame can be combined with most types of winch.


Load 500kg
Height 2150mm
Reach Two struts - 1650mm Four struts - 1760mm
From Vietnam
Warranty 6 months
Load 800kg
Height 2716mm
Reach Four struts - 2590mm
From Vietnam
Warranty 6 months