• 1st technology in Vietnam
  • International technical standards
  • Made from high quality steel alloy
  • Simple structure, easy to use 3 customizable steps, suitable for each load
  • Load capacity up to 1000kg
  • Compact, space saving 360 degree rotation increases the working range
  • Fits most winches

Rugged construction

High quality materials, solid structure, durable operation, 100% rated load.

Simple structure

Simple design, easy to install and use.

Save space

Compact size, takes up little space. After use, it can be disassembled, stored neatly in a closed corner, saving space.

360 degree flexible rotating ball bearing

Gears made of high-quality steel, equipped with bearings, springs and roller bearings, for smooth operation, effective anti-wear.

Improved welding technology

New welding technology for seamless, accurate welds, ensuring high durability.

Smart reach design

The reach rod has 3 holes to adjust the length to suit the needs of lifting and lowering, flexible operating range.

Flexible combination

Can be combined with most winches.

Flexibility between two cable types

Single cable: Fast lifting speed

Double cable: Strong, heavy load


Load (kg) 500kg
Maximum height (m) 2,2
Maximum reach (m) 1,45
Rotation 3600
Size of base (mm) 250x250x18
Weight(kg) 60
Warranty (months) 6
From Vietnam
Load (kg) 1000kg
Maximum height (m) 2,26
Maximum reach (m) 1,55
Rotation 3600
Size of base (mm) 350x350x18
Weight(kg) 110
Warranty (months) 6
From Vietnam